Sunday, July 15, 2007


Today is a good place to start. It is afterall Sunday, the weekend. I've been updating the Open Source Embroidery mailing lists, html colour code and fabric lists.

What am I on about?
I've been developing the idea of Open Source Embroidery (OSE) for a couple of years now. It's really an umbrella term bringing together works on and offline by a number of artists, programmers and craftspeople. You can read about OSE on my website, and in an interview I gave with Jess Laccetti for Furtherfield.

During July I am artist in residence at Access Space in Sheffield. I proposed to work with programmers and craftspeople to develop shared projects. In reality this is quite tricky. The Connecting Principle event brought together people who (mostly) already had an interdisciplinary practice. But how do you talk about open source to someone who doesn't use a computer? Or describe embroidery to someone who has never picked up a needle and thread? It seemed like a good idea to have a clear practical focus to give some shape and meaning to the early conversations.

After chatting with Lisa in Sheffield, we came up with the idea of an Open Source Patchwork. I scratched my head - What would an open source patchwork look like? Clare, in Newcastle, had the perfect project - a patchwork of html colours, based on the hexidecimal codes. The next step was to structure a development process where lots of people could take part, both on and offline.

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