Saturday, October 22, 2011

Multiple Formats for the Embroidered Digital Commons

Embroidered Digital Commons: Zone from Sophie McDonald on Vimeo.

The Embroidered Digital Commons is slowly taking shape, and we are working out how to collate or show each term in an appropriate format. After they are photographed, some people are keen to stitch the patches into a quilt. Other terms might form a string of bunting or a digital slide show. The fabric patches can also be pinned on a design board as a work in progress. In keeping with the spirit of the Digital Commons, it is important that the works are freely available online (although please note that this requires several hours of voluntary labour to co-ordinate and is a slow process). Although the main focus of the project is the experience of making and discussing the digital commons, and all the political contentions that this raises; it is also important for all the hundreds of individual contributions to come-together into a coherent whole.

Most importantly, the Embroidered Digital Commons examines the reproducibility of a text as an image. The project is transcribing the digital text file into textile, and then back into a digital image and digital film. This lengthy process of copying and reproducing the text is a form of close reading and close listening examining the nature of the digital commons in theory and practice. Whilst there are multiple reiterations of display, perhaps one of the most interesting is the flexibility and reproducibility of the digital format.

Sophie McDonald has been making beautiful films, which bring together the individual phrases into the complete definition of the  term. They can be viewed online, or projected in galleries. The projections can be life-size (25x25cm) or large scale. The term 'Zone' is shown above.

This Autumn people are stitching in Vienna, Chawton House Library, Sunderland, Sheffield, London and contributing to the term 'Web' through the Embroidered Digital Commons Face Book Group from as far afield as Texas!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Heterogeneous: All My Independent Women

The Embroidered Digital Commons term 'Heterogeneous' will be hosted by 'All My Independent Women' at the Austrian Association of Women Artists event, November 3rd - December 3rd, 2011. Information below:
What Can Words Do? / Oder vielmehr, was können Wörter tun?

Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs – VBKÖ
Maysedergasse 2 (4 Floor), 1010 Vienna

The international network of feminist artists 'All My Independent Women' (AMIW) from Portugal will host an exhibition in Austria, invited by the Austrian Association of Women Artists (VBKÖ).

The exhibition will present artworks by: André Alves, Catarina Carneiro de Sousa and Sameiro Oliveira Martins, Laura García and Said Dokins, Alice Geirinhas, Risk Hazekamp, Roberta Lima, Ana Pérez-Quiroga, Suzanne van Rossenberg, Ângelo Ferreira de Sousa, Yan María Yaoyólotl, and performances by André Alves, Stefanie Seibold and the duo Projecto Gentileza. The video lounge will screen works by: Miguel Bonneville, Mónica Faria, Risk Hazekamp, Anna Jonsson, Cristina Mateus, João Manuel Oliveira, Rita Rainho, Flávio Rodrigues, Evelin Stermitz and Lenka Vráblíková.

The exhibitors take passion as an excuse for engaging the world. At the core of their works they question how the desire for visibility can be transmuted into a different experience of equality and accountability to evoke feminist practices that functions a a ‘counter-hegemonic intervention’ in the arts in particular and in society in general.

November 3

Performance “A READER” by Stefanie Seibold.
The very way in which “A READER” is constructed activates its performative energies. The pin-board becomes a poster made of images, which can be read like an image-atlas – a visual archive which not only stores and collects, but which also activates its elements and connects them.

“Biting Song” by the duo Projecto Gentileza“Biting Song” is a concert/performance “on the relation of perception and physicality, reflecting on suppression and existence in a state of permanence around abstract mental places.”

November 4

Collective activity 'The Embroidered Digital Commons'
A project by Ele Carpenter, moderated by Carla Cruz, is an internationally distributed embroidery of the text 'A Concise Lexicon of/for the Digital Commons' written by the Raqs Media Collective (2003).

November 5
How can AMIW be, simultaneously, an exhibition and a platform for relationality?
Presentation of the publication: AMIW: New Portuguese Letters with Carla Cruz and Filipa Alves

Performance “Deprived Meanings” by André Alves.
The performance is interested in the translation of the tension between the will to say/act and the capacity to do so.

How can the desire for visibility be transmuted into a different experience of equality and accountability?
A round table on the importance of the arts to convey feminist struggles and on strategies from a feminist and antiracist perspective, based on equality and responsibility, that intervene in the dominant discourses in the arts and society. With an editor of 'Migrationsskizzen' (2010), Stefanie Grünangerl (collaborator of and Lisa Bolyos (feminist and anti-racist activist and artist).