Wednesday, March 25, 2015

EDC 2015

The Embroidered Digital Commons is in the last year of production!  A surge of enthusiasm from stitchers and makers around the world is helping to complete the whole lexicon. Here's a link to Mike Cummins patch as part of the term 'Liminal' co-ordinated by the wonderful Brenda Burrell.

"Interstitial, vestibular and peripheral. Far from the centre, close to the border. A zone both between and without larger structures. Liminal spaces and moments are those into which large stable structures leak animated data about themselves and the world. Things happen in liminal zones. A city carries within it the contradiction of liminal zones located in its centre, because inner cities are the city's farthest borderlands. Liminal fringes are often the most conducive environments for the culture of memes. This is because exiled images, ideas and meanings from several stable structures mingle in the corridors between them. Here, bereft of identities and other certainties, they are free to be promiscuous and reproduce. They infect each other with recombinant strands of thought and image. At the same time, the perspective of liminality brings intimacy to bear on an exclusion. Being liminal is to be close to, and yet stand outside the site of the border of any stable system of signs, where meaning is frayed from being nibbled at on the edges. Nothing can know the centre better than the sideways glance of peripheral vision. Liminality may be acquired from prolonged exposure to the still air of airport departure lounges, thick and over-boiled tea at the Inter State Bus Terminus on the ring road in Delhi, or the sub-liminal flicker of a cursor in an e-mail message."  (Raqs Media Collective)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yan Tan Tethera

Yan Tan Tethera is a brand new English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) commission, curated by sonic visual artist David Littler. Set to take over Cecil Sharp House – and spilling into the local Camden area – this inspirational project celebrates the wonderful wealth of textile songs in England.David will bring together a season of performances, events and workshops, as well as an exhibition, which will explore the rich vein of folk songs and dances that have emanated from, and been inspired by, England’s textiles industry. Exploring, sharing and bringing to life songs about roving hecklers, doffing mistresses, croppers, mowers and drunken tailors.

Surprising and thought provoking, contemporary and historic, this collaborative project involves an impressive group of artists including Freddie Robins, Shane Waltener, Prick Your Finger, Stewart Easton, Celia Ward, the McGrath Makers’ Group, and artists from the collective sampler-cultureclashJason Singh, Hector MacInnes, Anne Martin and Aimée Leonard. Together they will create the exhibition pieces and shape the associated season of events.

The project culminates in a live performance from sonic arts collective sampler-cultureclash as they unite Gaelic song with spinners, weavers and knitters, and traditional and electronic musicians in an exploration of things that spin.

May to Sept 2014 at Cecil Sharp House. London.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Libre Graphics Gendering FLOSS

Libre Graphics Magazine have just published their Gendering F/LOSS edition which includes the Embroidered Digital Commons: Zone.

You can buy or download a copy here.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to ZONE in Manchester and beyond!

Monday, September 02, 2013

The Textile Reader

The fascinating 'Textile Reader' edited by Jessica Hemmings has been published this year, and includes the essay 'Open Source Embroidery: Curatorial Facilitation of Material Networks' based in a talk I gave at the CCCB in 2010.

 The book features the Html Patchwork on the front cover and includes a very detailed credit of everyone who helped to make it. Thanks everyone! The Html Patchwork is on display at The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park if you'd like to see it.