Friday, March 28, 2008

Jing's Patch

Jing made her 66FFOO patch using the hexadecimal colour code to create Chinese characters, which she explains on her patchwiki page.

Her patch was then pinned in its place on the first column on the top half of the Patchwork at Isis Arts in Newcastle.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Last Patches

There are 40 patches left to make... And we now have a deadline! The completed Html Patchwork will be shown at HTTP Gallery at Furtherfield in London, opening on May 16th.

I am currently working at Isis Arts in Newcastle upon Tyne UK, and anyone in Newcastle who would like to take part can call Isis on 0191 - 2614407, or come along to the workshops or talk listed below. Isis Arts is on Charlotte Square in central Newcastle.

Several people have contacted me about how to make a patch. I now have a complete set of fabrics and can send you a patchwork kit with fabric, code, embroidery threads and a template. To see which fabric patches haven't been made - take a peek at the Patchwiki at Scroll over the patches and double click to see if someone has added their details.

Good Luck!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Ele at Isis Arts

So here I am installed in the Isis Arts Studio working on the Html Patchwork throughout March. I'm doing an audit of the patches, chasing up some that have been made and inviting people to fill the remaining gaps. If you'd like to pop in and see the patchwork, have a cuppa tea and maybe even make a patch feel free to come along between 12noon and 2pm on any of the following days. Or give Isis Arts a ring to make an appointment for another time.

Lunchtime Patchworkshops:
Wed 12th March
Thurs 13th March
Thurs 27th March
Fri 28th March
Wed 2nd April
Thurs 3rd April
Fri 4th April

Also - I'll be giving a talk about the Html Patchwork project at Isis Arts, along with Jake Harries, Arts programmer at Access Space. Jake will introduce the Access Space arts programme and its relationship to open source methodologies. The talk will be on Tuesday 1st April 5.30 - 8pm at Isis Arts, 5 Charlotte Square, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.