Friday, July 20, 2007

Patchworking at Access Space

If you're in Sheffield come along to the meetings at Access Space:

Wed July 25th 6-7pm
Sat 28th, 2-5pm

Or drop in anytime to pick up fabric, template and work out your colour code. The meetings are very informal with a chance to chat about what you are doing and find out more about the Html patchwork and Open Source Embroidery.

There will be monthly Html Patchwork group meetings at Access Space from September to sew together the patches and create the final patchwork which can then be exhibited.

Sat 8th September 2-4pm
Sat 6th October 2-4pm
Sat 10th November 2-4pm

I've made a patchwork design wall in the lobby Access Space. There's a full scale template for the patchwork, the html colour mouse-mat, fabric samples, embroidery threads and paper hexagon templates. If you have a new fabric - pop in and add a sticker to the mouse mat. And when you are done - add your patch directly to the wall.

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