Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hexidecimal Colour Patchworking

This is a fab hexagonal mouse mat which we love - and have ordered 8 of them from Visibone to inspire us to make patches... The finished fabric embroidered patchwork will be over 2 meters wide, and will be able to be exhibited at quilt, art and technology exhibitions.

What's it all about?
The html patchwork project aims to visualise the hexidecimal web colour palette., consisting of 216 colours and their six figure unique identification codes. You are invited to contribute to the patchwork by creating fabric patches embroidered with their code (for example, white is FFFFFF).

How to make your patches:
Create paper hexagon templates with a 6cm diameter. You can draw your own hexagon - using a compass and a straight edge, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hexagon. For a step by step guide see: http://www.instructables.com/id/EQ2CQC9F40SFY59/
Alternatively you can: make a template in Word (Insert / Picture / Autoshapes); pick up template from Access Space; or print out from the Open Source Embroidery google group files.

Choose your fabric:
Patchwork traditionally recycles old fabric into new. It's simplest to use cotton fabric in plain colours, then you can match it against the html colour code on the mouse mat image. Check on the Fabric Patches Log on the link listed in the righthand column of this blog. If someone is already making your colour code, and try and find another fabric swatch. Then email Ele the colour code you are embroidering.

• Use chalk or pencil to lightly draw around your template on the fabric.
• Cut your fabric so that there is a 1cm overlap around your template.
• Embroider the hexidecimal code onto the patch.
• Embroider your own signature, website, blog, or shop name onto the patch.
• Pin and tac the fabric to the template.
• Take a digital photo of your patch.
• Repeat with other colours.

You can create a cluster of patches and sew them together. Or create individual patches and bring / post them to Access Space by July 25th 2007.

Please don't forget to email Ele with your html colour codes and digital photos (elecarpenter@gmail.com) and I'll add them to the Google docs list which everyone can view online. Access Space is developing an online map of the patchwork so that people can log the colours they are using directly on a diagram of the patchwork. We hope to make the patchwork an online artwork with direct links to the photos and / or websites of people who have made the individual patches.

Apparently the double sets of figures can be represented by one figure as a form of short hand. So CCFF99 can be written as CF9. So if you've not much time to embroider the whole text - use the shorthand.

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