Friday, March 23, 2012

A Band of Stitchers?

Right out of the blue, a fantastic woman called Orla in Ireland has got in touch to co-ordinate the stitching of a term as part of the Embroidered Digital Commons. She runs a very helpful textile blog, which functions as a kind of textile directory for Ireland,

Her emails are so inspiring - I've got her permission to post some excerpts here. She writes:

"I like the term Iteration. ..."Iteration implies a willingness to say something, and access to the means of saying it, and a time in which it can be said...."
I live in rural Ireland, where transport, dodgy roads and wild weather (and kids!) constantly hamper my ability to physically meet up for stitching sessions. My friends still laugh at the fact I have become a geek, through my love of stitching! I now am online more, and more involved in the community of virtual stitchers.The stitchers I have asked to take part are all women I came across virtually first, and then became friends physically, although we still talk more virtually. The virtual world means an awful lot to us now! I think Iteration suits us because we all had a willingness to talk about our craft, and through the internet, finally had access to a means of saying it. If this term is still available, I'd love to organise stitching it."

Now - here's the question for us all! What is the collective noun for a group of stitchers?
Orla writes:

"I was about to put something up on my Facebook page, to arrange a provisional meet-up,  and I wanted to say I was looking for volunteer stitchers, a group of stitchers. And I realised I don't know any modern term for a group of stitchers. We have so many new stitch related terms such as yarn bombing, guerrilla knitters, radical cross stitch, craftivists, etc... all seemingly war/fight/drug/underground movement related, yet no real new funky 'collective noun'. So, we're now trying to come up with one. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Then we are going to put it to a vote, start using the winning term, and see if it gets added to the new lexicon of stitch related terms. A social experiment in itself!"

This is a great challenge, and I'd like to add 'cake-related' to the list of appropriated aggressive terms for popular forms of public craft. I know 'cake' isn't actively aggressive, but it is actively disempowering. Surely women want more than knitted cake!

But Orla signs off her email "Looking forward to getting my band of stitchers together." 
And I think she might have it right there....

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