Saturday, January 16, 2010

Distributed Disktrasa

Thank you to Hillevi for the beautiful crocheted dishcloth (disktrasa in Swedish). It's so carefully made, in fantastic magenta and purple, that I can hardly bring myself to use it. But a quick peek at the disktrasa website shows many dishcloths in action. Hopefully my dishcloth will be featured there soon along with an ever growing network of distributed disktrasa.

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Les Miserebles said...

dear Ele my name is Isidora and I am from Serbia, I wanted to contact you but couldnt find your email. I love the open source embroidery project,furthermore I am doing a project in August in a willage near Novi Sad(Serbia), it will be a week long workshop/discusion group for students, I love youre work and wonder if you are interested to do a workshop here in Serbia, if you want some more details please contact
ps little about me:I am curently working at the academy of arts in Novi sad as a TA,and working on my doctor thessis...