Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Running in Stitches

This week I've been experimenting with Hamilton, Southern and St Amand's Running Stitch Artwork in the OSE exhibition. On Monday I accompanied the Jury for the EU City of Culture on their journey from the Norrlands Operan to BildMuseet. Camille stitched our route as we drove. Although the experience gave the Jury party a glimpse of GPS as a creative tool, rather than simply a road map, I did feel that we were cheating by mapping a road already mapped by town planners and cartographers, rather than creating our own path. So the image above is my path from my apartment, via the recycling and under the main road to the opera. The maps are taken from the landlines website. Type 'Umeå' in the 'User Search' then click on 'Umeå 3' to view the walks carried out from the Open Source Embroidery exhibition at BildMuseet.

On Tuesday Magnus, Jon and I took the GPS on a drawing excercise to create an interesting line between BildMuseet and HUMlab. After careful study of the edges of the Running Stitch canvas we set of on our bikes in the glorious sunshine. I felt more like the Famous Five than the 'Tour Guide' of the previous day, and we skidded around in football pitches and sports grounds until we realised that some careful planning was required. On arriving at the carpark outside HUMlab we planned an 'H' grid and paced out the shape over several metres. Okay - it's sideways - but you get the idea!

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