Monday, August 24, 2009

Hacker Attitude

Last night the smoking electricity adapter for my Mac finally sparked it's last dangerous flash of light, never to work again. Leaving me without radio, email, internet, and skype. So I looked on Instructables for a DIY solution to fix the power cable.

After some bemusement in the lab, I borrowed a sharp knife and Miss Balthazar's Laboratory soldering iron and got to work. Here are the results. Magnus had the perfect solution of using a knife to cut through the plastic seams. Several cuts on each side, and a few round the corners broke the case without the need for hammers and saws.

I stripped the wire beautifully and did a bad soldering job. Then I had to buy some electrical tape and finish the job at home. I used a pair of tweezers to carefully wrap the wires and keep them firmly apart. Nail scissors were also handy for cutting thin strips of tape.

I haven't shut the case yet - I'm just testing - and it works...


Dominic said...

you need this T-shirt


Pete Hindle said...

Wowsa! That's some nice hardware hacking, Ele. Maybe you should pick up the tool to go with the shirt:

mutima said...

ha ha who needs an electrician anyway looks rather scary but if it works..hey that,s all that matters. just followed Ur blog from will be following u fro now:)xxx