Monday, June 08, 2009

OSE launch

The Open Source Embroidery exhibition opened at BildMuseet this weekend. We had a fantastic Sampling Performance by Yusra Warsama, Jason Singh and David Littler mixing the stories and sounds of music and embroidery sampling. Stephanie Hendrick made a great film of the event (thanks Stephanie). I've also uploaded my PHOTOS of the exhibition and preview. When I went back to the gallery on Sunday there were lots of people listening to the A-Z Audio Stitching and graffiti stitching the chairs. By September they will be completely covered in dense embroidery, which I guess will turn into a tapestry of sorts.

We've all downloaded Kate Pemberton's OSE Pixel Bluetooth onto their mobile. See the giff above. It's being broadcast in the reception area of the exhibition. I'm wondering if someone will embroider the cross stitch pattern onto one of the Sampler Culture Clash chairs?

The exhibition has opened, and will change every week for the next three months as people come and take part in Running Stitch, using GPS to track and stitch their walks around the town. Now I'm off to meet Jen Southern, Jen Hamilton and Chris St Amand, the Running Stitch artists. We're going to Umea University to meet Per Sandstrom who works with the Sami and uses GPS in his research into the movement of reindeer in northern Sweden.


Helen said...

Looks like a lot of fun! This is my first encounter with OSE - I'm working with Japanese-inspired material in my new book Manga Cross Stitch. I've also got some London workshops coming up, but would appreciate pointers on how can I contact other embroiderers and teachers interested in OSE?

Ele Carpenter said...

Hi Helen, Love the Manga Cross Stitch! You might like to join the Open Source Embroidery Google group to post info about your workshops. Also I'll be at Dorkbot on June 23rd,