Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Open Source Embroidery Movement

It's exciting to be featured on Wired.com especially as their offices are round the corner from the Museum of Craft and Folk Art in San Francisco, where the exhibition will be shown from October this year.

In the Wired article Priya Ganapati describes Open Source Embroidery as a 'movement' which is an exciting idea. Whilst the exhibition doesn't claim to represent every aspect of art-craft-technology practice, it does capture the zeit-geist of the socio-political aspects of the field.

A 'movement' is forward thinking, distributed, utopian, and often rhetorical. Here it is explored by a network of interlinking communities of makers, programmers, artists and researchers, but has no manifesto or definition as such. I'll muse upon this further and add to this post over the next few weeks. There is something about the representation and inevitable mis-representation of a movement which could be unpicked here.


erin said...

Dear Ele,

Hello! My name is Erin Schneider and we met briefly at the Umeå folk festival; I am the brown haired American girl who was studying folk arts and folk music in Jämtland. I am currently working on compiling a journal of arts-design-essays-literature, and would love to include some information about your inspiring OS embroidery project! If you have any writing or essays about your project, or if we could set up an interview, I would be so grateful! The journal will be availabe online as well as a limited handbound edition distributed on the east coast or available by mail order. You can email me at eafschneider@gmail.com

Hope all is well in Sweden!


Erin Schneider

maggie said...


Hi Ele. Thought you might like to see my embroidered text msg project. Enjoying your blog.