Friday, August 03, 2007

Access Space patchworkers

Here is everyone at Access Space busy working on their patches on Saturday 28th July. Clare Ruddock came down from Newcastle for the day. She brought the patches made at the DAAMN residency at Glue Gallery, and added them to the design wall. It's looking good!

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Elizabeth Kane said...

I find that I really enjoyed doing my patchwork in the SOCIAL setting of the Glue Gallery.

Now I'm doing it on my own in front of my computer (so I can check various sites and listen to Itunes) I am getting much more interested in improving my technical ability and knowledge of the CRAFT of embroidery.

Still the SOCIAL part is driving me.
1.I'm trying to get my Mum to do a cross stitch embroidered patch
2. I'm telling everyone I can about the project including the sales assistant in Dainty Supplies Washington
3. I keep remembering flashbacks of PGCE lecturers telling me 'craft' improves students behaviour. I wonder if we have been better behaved?