Friday, February 22, 2013

Activist Knitting

The Embroidered Digital Commons continues....
Currently we have photographed all the completed terms, and are making short films ready to send to all the groups, and to form the basis of a website of the whole project.
So please do keep stitching and returning your patches!

In the meantime - I have a new research project called Nuclear Culture, and you can follow this blog for my current work.

The Ele Weekend blog will still be a place to see the results of the Embroidered Digital Commons and associated exhibitions and events, but you'll notice some nuclear knitting posts popping up too.
See Wool Against Weapons.
Here's the first Knitting Against Trident poem
And you might like to join Knit for Peace.

Maybe there's an embroidered Nuclear Culture project waiting to happen...... ideas welcomed. It can take 100,000 years - as long as the plans to store nuclear waste in geological repositories...

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