Thursday, April 28, 2011

Embroidery Ensemble

Café Crema
306 New Cross Road. London SE14 6AF
Nearest tube/train: New Cross or New Cross Gate

Sunday 22nd May, 2-4pm
Sunday 29th May, 2-4pm
Sunday 5th June, 2-4pm

Calling all stitchers, hackers, programmers, embroiderers, patchworkers, coffee drinkers, steampunks, artists, crafters, makers and tinkerers….

You are warmly invited to gather at Café Crema to stitch the term 'ensemble' as part of the Embroidered Digital Commons.

We will be close reading and embroidering the following text from ‘A Concise Lexicon of / for the Digital Commons’:

"Ensemble: The conceit or delight in togetherness in an increasingly anomic, fragmented world. Playing or working together to create finished or unfinished works. Chamber musicians, criminals, code-hackers and documentarists form ensembles. Artists try to. Effective ensembles are high bandwidth assemblies that build into their own architecture portals for random access into themselves. They are, when they are at their best, open systems that place a premium on shared information within them. They can at times maintain high levels of secrecy while seemingly appearing to be transparent. Here, confidentiality is an index of practices in gestation. Mined data is, sometimes, restored to natural states of information entropy in data dissembling ensembles, which have been found to work best at night in media labs. The Raqs Media Collective is an ensemble and everything it does is an ensemble of existing or anticipated practices."
(Raqs Media Collective, 2003)

This project is supported by The Co operative Community Fund.


chesley said...

I would very much like to participate in the embroidered digital commons project.
Please contact me if you still need participants. I'd love to do "fractals" but other ones would be wonderful too.

Ele Carpenter said...

Hello there. Thanks for getting in touch. Mr X Stitch is co-ordinating 'Fractals'so you can sign up through his blog. Alternatively - we need people to contribute to 'GIFT". The nest phrase to be stitched is: 'or premeditated acts of symbolic exchange.'Would you like to stitch those words on a 25cm square of plain cotton fabric?
Best wishes, Ele

Unknown said...

I would absolutely love to participate too .. Happy to sew anything - what a fantastic project. I'm so delighted to have discovered you!

Ele Carpenter said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for your enthusiasm. Are you on Facebook? If so - look for the Embroidered Digital Commons Group and click on the 'web' document to claim a line of text and add your name. Cheers, Ele