Saturday, August 02, 2008

Quilt at the Mill and Linux Magazine

The Html Patchwork has started to feature in both the linux and patchwork worlds...

The Html Patchwork was proudly presented at the entrance to the Quilts at the Mill exhibition at Blackhall Mill in July. It was one of many quilts made by people at workshops in The Fat Quarters Shop. The community center was turned into an Aladdin's cave of fabric, stitching and stories made locally. Three different groups of Fat Quarters patchworkers contributed their patches to the Html Patchwork including the Mini Stitchers kids club, and several more experienced patchworkers. They also took on the task of sewing the patches together, transforming 216 individual artworks into a whole piece of fabric.

The Open Source Embroidery project, including the exhibitions at Blackhall Mill and Furtherfield's HTTP gallery, was featured in the August edition of Linux Magazine, in their 'World News' section.

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Anonymous said...

Ele it is great that the HTML Patchwork has infiltrated so many places.
I still regard it as one of the most interesting and exciting projects I've been involved with because of its power to draw people together from different spheres, the creative and the technological, if they were ever that distinct.