Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Last Patches

There are 40 patches left to make... And we now have a deadline! The completed Html Patchwork will be shown at HTTP Gallery at Furtherfield in London, opening on May 16th.

I am currently working at Isis Arts in Newcastle upon Tyne UK, and anyone in Newcastle who would like to take part can call Isis on 0191 - 2614407, or come along to the workshops or talk listed below. Isis Arts is on Charlotte Square in central Newcastle.

Several people have contacted me about how to make a patch. I now have a complete set of fabrics and can send you a patchwork kit with fabric, code, embroidery threads and a template. To see which fabric patches haven't been made - take a peek at the Patchwiki at Scroll over the patches and double click to see if someone has added their details.

Good Luck!

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