Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Html Patchwork at Isis Arts

The Html Patchwork is now safely stored in my attic - but still only half complete. Thanks to everyone in Sheffield who has sent in their patches over christmas - especially everyone at the Totley Quilters and Nicola. The project has been on hold for a few months whilst I finished my PhD thesis - which I finally submitted last week. Phew! The good news is that during February and March I'll be concentrating on finishing the patchwork, organising the remaining patches on the wiki and the actual fabric. I'm looking forward to being artist-in-residence at Isis Arts in Newcastle from March 10th until early April, and will be hosting weekly drop-in patch workshops - watch this space for dates.

The range of patches is quite interesting, and everyone is coming up with their own theories about the different approaches to patch-working. Some people have created decorative designs to accompany their hexadecimal code, others have used a typographic approach to the lettering. Some use traditional stitches, others use free-form embroidery. Take a peek at the Patch wiki to see some of the completed patches www.open-source-embroidery.org.uk/wiki/

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