Sunday, October 21, 2007

Patching Press and Pressing Patches

The Html Patchwork project is gaining both patchworker and press attention. There was an article in the Metro newspaper, UK, on September 6th, 2007; and this week there's an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, in New York State. Fellow bloggers in Germany, Sweden, Australia, America, and around the world are also linking to In Sheffield, Jo from Art Through Textiles has found some great fabric colours, and the group are making beautiful patches which are being added to the design wall day by day.

After many people's suggestions - I have finally updated all the namechecks on the patchwiki - so that when you scroll over the image of the patchwork, the name of each patchworker is displayed. I've also added photos of patches by Billy, Alison, Julian, and Elizabeth.

There are still 30 outstanding patches which people have pledged to make and post to Access Space, 1 Sidney St, Sheffield, S1 4RG UK by 5th November 2007. So if you still have a patch on the shelf - it would be great if you could get it completed - or let me know that you cant make it - and we'll give the fabric to someone else. Then there are about another 40 fabrics to left to source - so feel free to browse the wiki and stake your claim on a patch.

Now that we are starting to sew the patches together the need for plain cotton fabrics is becoming clear. There's a lot of tweaking going on to make them all fit together - so you don't need to iron your patch, as we might need to fold, or unfold it a few millimeters anyway.

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